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Halloween Special Podcast Episode 1

November 2, 2020


Halloween Special 

November 2, 2020  3:00 PM

By: Jasmin Marely Hernandez, Jose Rosales, and Gina Morales



Graveyard with a Jack-O-Lantern in the foreground 

Cynthia De La Luz/ The Poly Optimist


Stuck at home because of the Coronavirus? We got you, The PolyRozzi Podcasters unite together to bring you spooky Halloween stories, for you to enjoy and feel spookified!

With the story of Panchito’s Halloween Night at a Mexican Household by Gina Morales. The tale of a Hispanic middle school kid that is left home alone on a devilish Halloween evening. 

The other story presented in this episode is called Willow Street  by Jasmin Hernandez, the tale of two 14 year old kids roaming around the neighborhood who encounter a sinister force on Halloween night.  

Last but not least Cartoon Cat, a tale told by Jose Rosales. The legend of a popular horror black cartoon cat that commits the crime of killing Emily, the friend of the two 17 year olds named Bella and Zachary at a closed abandoned mall. 

These stories are told individually by the Polyrozzi podcasters as the stories unravel into vivid gory detail. Listen to the podcast episode at your own risk, these sinister monsters mentioned might be coming to get you. Anywho, The Polyrozzi podcasters wish you a safe and Happy Halloween.

Additional Halloween Podcast Pictures

Jasmin Hernandez, current Polyrozzi Podcaster poses with her clown Halloween costume ready to tell her Halloween story.

Jasmin Marely Hernandez/The Poly Optimist 

Jasmin Hernandez, current Polyrozzi Podcaster poses with her clown Halloween costume ready to tell her Halloween story.


Gina Morales/ The Poly Optimist

Gina Morales, current Polyrozzi Podcast Podcaster poses with her homemade ghost costume, ready to spookified this Halloween special episode. 

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Contributors to this Podcast Episode

Podcast Editor

Gina Morales


Jasmin Marely Hernandez


Jose Rosales

Editor in Chief

Alessandra Quintanilla


Cynthia De La Luz


Edgar Munoz



Tubular Bells by Mike Oldfield

Lavendar Town by Junichi Masuda,

Ominous by Peder B. Helland

The Batman who laughs theme song by Detective Comics, Inc

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