Layout Design

Samantha Monroy, Layout Designer

Hey Poly Parrots! The Layout Design group and I hope you all are staying safe during these difficult times and are just as excited as us for the holiday season. While this year’s holidays are going to be quite different due to Covid-19, there is no reason we shouldn’t celebrate the holidays at all. We can all find unique ways to celebrate and create our own new festivities while being safe. Since both Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner, Layout Design has decided to do one newspaper that will include all three holidays from the fall/winter. The newspaper will start with the Halloween edition, then go into a Thanksgiving edition and finally end with a Christmas edition. This newspaper is expected to be between 8 to 12 pages long and will be filled with great stories from our staff here at the Poly Optimist. There will be coverage on all types of topics including Halloween quarantine edition, the 2020 Presidential Election, Poly Sports and much more. We also have our first ever Poly Optimist Podcast called the Polyrozzi so be sure to go check that out as well. The Poly Optimist fall/winter edition newspaper will definately be worth the wait so make sure to keep an eye out for our release date. Stay safe Poly Parrots!