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You Can’t Breathe But Let me Live!


You Can’t Breathe But Let Me Live!

By Gina Morales

October 17, 2020

Covid-19 Protect and Respect to wear a mask poster designed by Shepard Fairey’s Studio Number One and Camilla Lonis


The requirement of having a face covering is now essential by the high-end authority during the Covid-19 pandemic having a major impact on the lives of many citizens and the stones in graveyards amounting as time passes by. This new mandate from the governor’s and mayor’s in our states is out bursting into an order which is unjust to many citizens but it is the only way to stop the spread of Covid-19 killing our family or even ignoring to wearing a mask instead of laying down in a stiff hospital bed with an oxygen ventilator. 


Mayor’s and governors from the state of California make it mandatory to wear a face mask covering when going outside even to enter any business or restaurant open. You are obligated to wear a mask or “Not allowed to come into the established location.” As the words come familiar with hearing them at the long lines at grocery stores from either being told that directly to or even eavesdropping into the conversation between store employees and the customer. The government’s mandate has significantly prevented thousands of families from getting this deadly disease. With additional restrictions being brought by California governor Newsom to prevent further spread of Covid-19. It had resulted in the voice of a variety of citizens to take the streets to protest about how wearing a mask is violating their freedom and their constitutional rights as human beings. While cases are breaking records every day and killing over 12,000 people in just California. We are faced with people spreading this disease furthermore by not wearing a simple cloth or disposable mask. My response to that is are you seriously kidding me? Preventing the spread of a global pandemic disease could not get any easier from just wearing a mask you could probably even buy at the 99 cent store or even make yourself! Sure this mandatory rule is forcing all of us to give up some of our choices to have our mouths looked over by the people around us, but the lives of our patriotic citizens and families are put on the line. We have millions of children over the United States attending online school and thousands of nurses and in the world right now risking their lives every day in hospitals because of just people who feel it’s their right to have their mouth shown to the world while there are people out here taking actual action on making sure we don’t stay in our homes for another year. 


Such global pandemic has not only made the situation of the human survival rate decrease but the economy has dramatically dropped with the closing of small local businesses and the file of bankruptcies from famous companies/corporations in the U.S. Though we must keep in mind that with going against authority to not wear a mask you are not only causing the death of our citizens but also causing the loss in our economies growth is failing in the United States and being watched over by other nations. 


We may not be able to be freed from the trap of this wrathful disease but the effort that you put in by starting to wear a mask and making an effort to stay at home. We can make a difference to reduce the cases of Covid-19 that are breaking records every day and secure us to get closer to an end of a global pandemic. Listening to your local higher authorities will save the lives of millions of families and can even save your own life from being erased by a single pandemic. That will be remembered by the survivors who choose to wear a mask.

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