By Jasmin Hernandez

December 11, 2020


Selfie of Casares before work/ Photo by Laura Casares

Laura Casares, born in Louisville, Kentucky, is an English teacher at Polytechnic High school. Tells her story about her involvement in the classroom and shares her upcoming personal projects.



Ms.Casares is known for the way she says “amazing”. She says it in a way that is silly but entertains her students. She uses this word after every answer a student gives. “I started that- I don’t know it just came to me one day and like it was a positive way to talk to kids so why not,” English teacher Laura Casares added. 




When Ms.Casares would teach a class she started with a couple of minutes of meditation with her class every day (Still applying to this day with her advisory class) .“I started doing it myself. And I just felt like the day at Poly, in all my schools, was just so rushed and was like, do your work do your work and it was just like, we’re pounding information into kids minds and it was like you know what everyone needs a minute just to be quiet and most of us don’t force ourselves to take a minute to be quiet. I was like this could be really good for these kids,” English teacher Laura Casares states. 


Talking circle

Also, she would do a talking circle with her students where the students would move their tables into a circle and there would be a talking piece (random item) that would be passed around and the person who had the talking piece would give a story based on the topic the students pick. This was a way for students to express themselves and share random funny stories. 


Online Teaching 

Online teaching has been as hard for students but for teachers as well. Many teachers are working their butt off to make this easier on both parties. ¨

I´m still my same old peppy excited self but sometimes you just feel like you’re performing to a wall and it’s really hard, there’s not a lot of feedback from the kids so I miss interacting live with kids is hard.” The teachers are basically explaining stuff through a screen and not able to talk to us if we are confused or lost. She says students unmuting themselves and actually talking and engaging in class would help the teachers a lot with understanding if the kids understand or not.


Ms. Casares getting ready for her zoom classes. 

(Photo by Laura Casares)


Her book

Casares is writing a book and in her own words..,” It’s a young adult novel, about a community that has developed after global warming has really hit us hard, and the sun is really punishing people with pale skin so if you are somebody who is African, Hispanic or Indian descent, you’re thriving, your people are doing really well in this post-global warming society but if you’re pale and from like European cultures, my people are dying out, there’s no life for you and of course there’s a main character who falls in love with the rich boy and she’s like the poor serving girl.” English teacher Laura Casares said.