20+ Missing Assignments


Jasmin Marely Hernandez

20+ Missing Assignments

By Jasmin Hernandez

Photo by Jasmin Hernandez

The Covid-19 2020 pandemic has affected students’ ability to learn, causing physical and mental problems in students’ lives because of teachers’ new way of loading work onto students to earn a passing grade.


With the pandemic, online school has you strolling in the kitchen every five minutes to get another cookie to have an excuse not to do school work. On top of that, you start to gain weight then overeat because you are stress eating or starving yourself because you don’t have time to work out with the amount of homework that students receive every day from teachers. The amount of homework and class time we get during online schooling is nothing compared to learning how we were used to for many years. Rather it is causing harm to students’ mental and physical health as well as degrading the amount of learning, students are being taught by teachers.

¨In addition, students are often stressed about how well they do on their homework, particularly because homework completion and quality are usually factored into students’ course grades,¨says Valerie Strauses. Online school, too many students, is about self-teaching at times because the way some teachers are teaching/ giving us work, just makes it confusing and complicated to understand. 

To restless at night to just doing hours of work just to get it over with and pass your classes. School isn’t about learning anymore, it’s about getting your work done by its due date before 12 am. For the main very own reason for the Covid-19 pandemic, Students aren’t learning just trying their best to get their work done.