Arian Suarez

Sports Coming Back “HERE THEY COME!”

By: Arian Suarez/Staff Writer

NBA 2020 finals featuring an edit of the Lakers and Miami basketball team.

Photo by Inside Sport

Such a fun hobby that most people enjoy not only to watch but to play. Being able to exercise, feel your heartbeat go as you have sweat dripping down your face and body. Sadly, during these times, COVID has affected everyone and is the reason why all sports were postponed. This affected schools, companies, people’s life, and much more, but most importantly it canceled every major league sport and in school sports. Lausd, according to the “Los Angeles Times”, said, “ The CIF expects to make an announcement by Jan. 19 how to proceed with the delayed high school sports season.

This was very disappointing because students dedicate all their time and health to playing these sports. Having sports gone can not only mess up the students mentally but physically as well. Students will not get their daily exercise as usual and can possibly gain fat and not muscle. There are some things students can do such as exercise at home, but it is not the same as actually playing a sport. Recently, the LAUSD released saying that sports will most likely return in January with some rules to be safe.

Although there will not be the same experience by having a crowd and being able to interact with others, I feel that this is great news for students. They will now be able to play sports and be able to get back in shape and make sure they are 100% ready for whenever the season starts. This is only the beginning of getting back our loved sports.


(UPDATED*) Sports again have been canceled due to covid cases rising again as we are entering the winter season. Some good news though is that Major League Sports will continue under certain circumstances.