Teachers vs. Students: Who Will Spend Christmas the Safest?


Alessandra Quintanilla

Teacher vs. Students: Who Will Spend Christmas the Safest?

By: Alessandra Quintanilla

10 December 2020

A competition between teachers and students: who will spend Christmas the safest?

(Photo by Alessandra Quintanilla)


 Christmas songs and cold air are now flowing throughout this holiday season, however, the devastating pandemic has limited activities, all I can wonder is how the teachers and students will spend their Christmas. I came up with a small competition on who will spend Christmas the safest, teachers or students, and I decided to input my opinion and let the readers decide who spends it the safest.

First up, it will be our first candidate from our teacher’s side, our very own Mr. Aragon! Mr. Aragon is an excellent AP calculus teacher and sadly, it will be his last year at Poly. 

My family has decided that we will stay home this Christmas to protect the health of all of our loved ones. My wife and I will be dropping off gifts for our children and grandchildren on their doorsteps. We will open our gifts via Zoom. Granted, it’s not what we want to do, but we know the vaccine is on the horizon and we want to all stay safe until we are all vaccinated. We have been very lucky so far that we are all healthy” Mr. Aragon heartfully said.

In my opinion, I absolutely love this idea, Mr. Aragon is abiding to the health restrictions that the pandemic has placed upon us. This plan isn’t the ideal way of spending Christmas, but it’s these types of sacrifices that we have to take to ensure a way back to our old traditions of spending Christmas with our families. 

Our second candidate from our teacher’s side is Ms. Johnson! Ms. Johnson is an amazing AP English teacher!

“It will be very small, only consisting of my parents, my son, and a few (but not all) of my siblings. We will eat, open presents and then probably just nap and relax at home while enjoying the sights and smells of Christmas” Ms. Johnson said.

Personally, I love napping during Christmas in order to stay up until midnight to open presents. Of course, she is spending Christmas with family, but it is a small gathering. As long as it isn’t a huge gathering, it shouldn’t be as harmful.

Our third candidate from our teacher’s side is Mr. Herrold! Mr. Herrold is an intelligent AP English teacher at Poly.

“We haven’t decided yet, but we’re considering cancelling. Visiting family worried about Covid may stay home this year” Mr. Herrold said.

Of course, during this pandemic, it’s especially hard to see families that are outside of state. Once, again, it’s important to take precautions. It’s one of those sacrifices to ensure good health for your loved ones. 

Our last candidate from the teacher’s side is Mrs. Madrigal! Mrs. Madrigal is one of the kindest APUSH teachers at Poly!

“I’m going to spend my Christmas at home with my family that live in my household. The Madrigals won’t be visiting Grandma/pa, Tios/Tias nor cousins. We are laying low at home, going to watch movies, and Zoom safely with our extended family” Mrs. Madrigal said. 

Once again, I love this idea, obviously, it will be hard to make sacrifices this year, but they have to be taken to incur “normal” Christmases for the future. It’s important for everyone to abide by the health restrictions and conduct safety measures.. 

One of our students from Poly, Esmeralda Renteria was asked how she will be spending her Christmas.

“Either my house or my uncle’s house. But I don’t know yet. It’ll be with family” Esmeralda said.

Of course, everyone is trying to spend Christmas with their loved ones. I like the idea of having a family gathering for Christmas, personally, that’s what my family does every year too.

Our second student from Poly is Sebastian Pereyra, he was asked what he will be doing for Christmas.

“Play multiple sports as part of tradition. Only with close fam” Pereyra said. 

I personally haven’t heard of that tradition before, but I think that would be a great activity with my family. We aren’t athletic, but it would be funny to see them try. Overall, I love how it’s only with close family.

Our third student from Poly is Stephanie Serrano, she was asked what she will be doing for Christmas.

“Eat tamales,” Serrano said.

I love this plan, tamales during the cold season have to be one of my favorite foods to eat. Even though my family prefers eating pupusas, we always sneak in some tamales. Overall, I love this plan.

Our last student from Poly is Deily Rodas, she was asked what she will be doing for Christmas.

“Eat cookies,” Rodas said.

In my opinion, this is the best plan. I absolutely love cookies and hot chocolate during Christmas. Ten out of ten.

Overall, those are all the candidates, personally, I think that everyone has a great plan for this Christmas. I wish everyone a safe and fun Christmas this year. Cheers to many “normal” Christmases in the future!