The Life of an AP Student: Featuring Jasmine Gamez & Carolina Guzman By: Natalie Sanchez


Natalie Sanchez

The Life of an AP Student: Featuring Jasmine Gamez & Carolina Guzman 

By: Natalie Sanchez

Many high school students have an option of taking Advanced Placement classes where students can possibly gain college credit. Taking AP classes won’t be easy, with an AP exam at the end of the school year which determines if they will receive college credit. 

AP classes assist students with their writing skills, teaches them how to think critically and improve their abilities. AP students learn the expectation that they’ll eventually encounter in college courses. With the benefit of earning college credit, which helps and students qualify for scholarships. 


Jasmine Gamez is a junior at Francis Polytechnic High school in Sun Valley. She is in many extracurricular activities such as leadership, environmental club, junior council, poetry, and CSF.  She is primarily passionate about art and poetry and loves expressing herself in embroidery and painting as a relaxation method. Although Jasmine is involved in many activities as well as AP and honors classes, she always takes a break once things get overwhelming. 


“Life as an AP student gets very difficult and exhausting at times. I always give myself a break once things get stressful or overwhelming. Before I continue with work I usually like watching anime or I would rely on my other hobbies that I enjoy doing. Once I feel more at ease I’ll go back to work,” Gamez said. 


However, many students are now taking online classes due to the pandemic that hit in the United States. Online learning is rather difficult for AP students. Online courses are no easier than classes in a traditional classroom setting and it can even be more complicated. Virtual learning requires more self-motivation and it can be hard for students to stay motivated. 


Jasmine Gamez is currently in online classes achieving higher grades. However, Jasmine struggles with online learning but strives for the better. 

“Struggles that I face in school is that I don’t manage my time correctly.  I usually catch myself doing assignments at the last minute or I stress myself out because I procrastinated too much. It’s just my time management skills that are the issue.” 

Carolina Guzman is also a junior at Francis Polytechnic High school. She is hardworking and determined to strive for good grades. She struggles with procrastination for class assignments. Even though things get difficult for her, she tries her best to learn the material on her own to get a better understanding.


“Procrastinating and staying on task are two of the biggest struggles that I have faced during online learning,” Guzman said. 


Although Jasmine and Carolina both have their own struggles with AP classes, they have an outgoing determination of passing the AP exam by studying on their own time.  


Being an AP student with online courses is very difficult to learn at home. A few study techniques that can help AP students with troubleness is to have study groups. They are excellent ways to study for tests and quizzes. This opportunity can assist with any misguidedness with other students which is a  way to work together as a group. Another way is taking practice exams. Testing yourself is beneficial to have a sense of what an AP exam would be like. To include,  AP classroom also supports many videos that can be studied individually. 


It’s very important to take short breaks when students are feeling overwhelmed. Being organized with school assignments and having a planner is a way to set yourself up for success. 


Now AP students priority is to pass the AP exam. Worrying about the scores is part of life as an AP student.  Overall, Jasmine Gamez and Carolina Guzman face many challenges but having determination keeps them going  along with working hard for the betterment of their future. These are key to passing the AP exam, as long as AP students give it their all.  

Carolina Guzman poses in a cabin at Big Bear. 

Photo by: Amber Guzman 

“This trophy represented the start of my reading career, I learned that books aren’t bad. You just have to know what books you like. This represents me because I’ve grown to love books and enjoy reading!”-Carolina Guzman 






A selfie was taken by Jasmine Gamez.

“This represents me because it’s my favorite character from the first anime I watched when I was little that really got me so hooked into watching anime, it’s also very special to me because I got it at my first ever anime convention.” -Jasmine Gamez