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Americans need to start following the regulations for Covid-19

Americans need to start following the regulations for Covid-19

By: Natalie Sanchez 

12 December 2020

The coronavirus pandemic requires people to follow the regulations; wearing face masks, keep our distance, and avoid touching your face. This rule has been repeated multiple times to remind American’s to follow instructions for their safety. In the opinion piece “Americans need to do better on social distancing,” Micheal Gors claims that Americans aren’t following the Covid-19 regulations. 


“Each of us as individuals must step up and do his or her best to help all of us safely navigate what’s left of this pandemic,” Gors said. 


Many Americans have been dutifully following the recommendations of public health experts. Others have balked at the most basic precautions, refusing to wear masks and continuing to gather in large groups. Gors states, “It’s clear Americans as a whole have more work to do when it comes to social distancing.” 

The United States is suffering from millions of cases that are troubling many individuals around the world. Gors expresses that inconsiderate people are ignoring Covid-19 regulations as they are putting themselves and others at risk of getting infected. 

At the start of April, protesters in Denver came out of the stay-at -home orders, demanding the governor to reopen the state for business. As many willingly ignored the social distancing rules and many refusing to wear face masks. Protests against stay-at-home orders were held across the country, amid the mounting frustration over the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

Most states in the U.S have adopted some form of a lockdown to curb the spread of the coronavirus. When the lockdown occurred many businesses have closed along the way. 22 million Americans have filed for unemployment benefits. Protesters believe that their best solution for stay-at-home orders is to let all American citizens have the right to freedom. 

However, following simple tasks is a chance to help and participate to avoid getting the virus. Evidence shows that if masks are implemented broadly and if all Americans follow the guidelines, then things would slowly return back to normal. 


Yet, too many Americans are still ignoring these facts as if the virus is something from the past, but if we all work together then we can start implementing these guidelines into our daily lives and slowly return to normal within time. 

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(Natalie Sanchez/Poly Optimist) 

Implementing face masks can prevent people infected with the virus from spreading. Following the regulations can help save yourself and others from dangers arising from coronavirus 

(Natalie Sanchez/Poly Optimist) 


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