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Start of interviewing small businesses from our local communities. 

Podcast Blog: The Start Of Interviewing Small Business

February 11, 2021

The Start Of Interviewing Small Business

February 11, 2021

By Gina Morales


As a Poly Parrot in the San Fernando Bay area we are inspired by small businesses that play a big part in our communities through childhood time. Though never have I ever thought that small business would be led by individual students in our school during a whole global pandemic. Businesses that range from making handcrafted key-chains, homemade treats, to custom nail art are brought by students’ own homes during these difficult times.


However this movement of students starting a small business did not happen just overnight a high amount of self discipline and self-motivation needed to be brought in order to start such a big plan. Many of these student´s are inspired by TikTok videos from the so-called trend called ¨small business check¨ or influenced by other social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. 

Start Of a New Series

We started this idea of interviewing small business since the person who is in charge of making this series/ podcast episodes is also a small business owner. Also to mention the highly requested votes to make a series for small student led business was overwhelming. So of course we are going to start a complete series! This short series shall be focused to share the experiences of students at our school to have a supportive community. None of the small businesses that we present are paid nor sponsored. We make these episodes to be honest and supportive of all. 


Few Of The Small Business That Will Be Featured In The Future


Fresas Toxicas- a small business that sells chocolate strawberries and a variety of flower bouquets. 

Historia Accessories- a small online store that sells handcrafted history inspired accessories.


Photos Of Small Business

Strawberries from Fresas Toxicas a small business led by junior student  Stephany Soto. 

Photo by Fresas Toxicas


Handmade earrings that are inspired by the french flag and the influence of Napoleon Bonaparte historical mark onto France.

Photo by Historia Accessories

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