Difficulties for this Year’s Tennis Team 

Anna Shahverdyan, Staff Writer

The tennis team is much more improved, especially with the new coach Diane Wilson, but the difficulty faced this year is heartbreaking.

“Last year we had to work a lot, independently, but this year we work together because it’s harder to do something if you don’t have a standard place to practice,” said Fatima Peralta, captain of Poly HS’s Girl’s Tennis team.

The tennis team has a big challenge: they don’t have a standard court to practice on because of the renovations on campus. This complicates things for the team like preparing for matches.

The leader of the team keeps everybody strong and focused

in spite of all the challenges.

“Often times, girls miss practice or games because we do not have enough transportation,” said Peralta about this dilemma.

Still the girls are trying everything in their power to not give up and find solutions.

“With this amazing sisterhood you will never feel alone. We support each other no matter what,” Peralta said

The girls practice at Byrd Middle School on a basketball court. Imagine that. They have nets but the layout is not the appropriate dimensions for a tennis court. It’s good enough to practice on but the girls can’t practice hitting on the alley because there’s no alley. The alley is the double area where the girls can practice as 2 teams ( 2 persons on each side).

“This takes away from utilizing the entire strategy that you need to have for tennis,” said Wilson.

The girls go as far as sacrificing their time on the weekend to go to a local park to practice the skills that they can’t practice at Byrd. The park’s court and size satisfies the tennis field requirements.

“I am impressed by how these girls are so resilient, they always find ways to make it better and they never give up,” said Wilson, “I think that other teams would give up in these kinds of situations and not go to practice anymore.”

The next match is against Monroe.

“We beat them the first time but now we will try to beat them again. It is going to be hard with our limited practice,” says coach Wilson

Keep calm and stay strong and focused; you’re an example to us all.