Graduation Performance Audition


Steven Larin / The Poly Optimist

Elfarra posing for the camera the day after announcing auditions to perform at graduation.

Estivensegal Larin, Staff Writer/Editor

On February 18, Narmeen Elfarra announced on that musical auditions to perform at graduation will be held on the week of February 24th.

Sign up at the counseling office, if interested.

The opportunity to sing the national anthem and/or another musical performance is a big deal since it will happen in front of the entire class of 2020 and their families and friends.

But only graduating seniors are eligible to apply; non-graduating seniors are ineligible. 

Last year, auditions were held on a later date, but Elfarra scheduled it earlier this time so that students  have enough time to prepare and strengthen their vocal performance with the support of vocal coaches on campus.

Musical performances during graduation can be the national anthem, or other kinds of performances, like dance or other songs.

“We do have other other pieces throughout graduation, so if someone wanted to sing a song like “The Climb” by Miley Cyrus, one piece someone was singing at graduation last year, we would be happy to do so.”

Elfarra hopes this opportunity to be as special as any NBA game or a Super Bowl. It is potentially a powerful moment. Elfarra wants graduation to be a flawless, powerful ceremony, so students from the 2020 class and their parents have fond memories of the event.

Elfarra still hasn’t decided who will perform, so stay tuned!