Addams Family is Music To The Heart


Jonathan Ochoa/Poly Optimist

(From left): Xitalli Solis (Grandma), Estellys Santos (Wednesday). Ariana Gomez (Morticia), Alvin Caceres (Gomez), Justin Aguilar (Pugsley), and Victor Renteria (Uncle Fester) starring in the “Addams Family,” a modern take to the original Charles Addams story.

Kevin Barahona, Staff Writer

The Addams Family, best known as a 1970s television show, paid a visit to Poly’s auditorium as The Addams Family: A New Musical Comedy by Drama Teacher Katy Groskin and KYDS’ Ciji Campbell.

Before the performance, the audience was treated to Poly Band performing the Addams Family theme. Even with only half of the assembly present, the band was able to dominate the air inside the auditorium with percussion ringing in everyone’s ear. 

Gomez Addams, played by freshman Alvin Gaceres, displayed his confidence and charisma with his song “Trapped” despite having limited experience on Poly’s stage.  

Morticia, played by junior Ariana Gomez, held the emotionless, condescending mother role throughout the play, despite the comedic scenes, bringing a grin to everyone in the audience. 

The song “Secrets” revealed that she had a spectrum of volume and pitch in her arsenal.   

The comic genius of Victor Renteria gave the role of Uncle Fester the right amount of quirk and unpredictability. 

That display came in handy with the song “Moon and Me” which had Uncle Fester spinning and singing about his love for the moon.

Wednesday Addams, Estellys Santos, blew everyone away with the musical numbers “Pulled” and “Crazier Than You.” As she moved around the stage, she expressed her character’s feelings through vocals and body language. 

The Ancestors gave another level of comedy to the play. Although visibly apparent to the audience, most of the cast acted as if they were invisible creating an inside joke between the ancestors and the audience. 

Lurch, alumni Don Pittman, blew all the previous cast out of the water with his seniority in drama showing in his vocals. “Move Towards the Darkness” really captivated the entire audience with the command of his voice followed by the whole cast syncing lyrics.

After all of the cast came out for the final curtain call, Campbell gave a small tribute to Groskin for her dedication to Poly Drama.

What a great way to say goodbye to Poly’s auditorium, which is to go under construction in February 2020.

The Addams Family: A New Musical Comedy was co-written by Marshall Brickman and Rick Elice. Music and lyrics by Andrew Lippa. 

Previews and evening performances were December 5th and 6th. The Poly student-alumni cast performed on the evening of December 5th & 7th.