Mia Frutiz
Hello, I am Mia Katherine Frutiz.

I'm genuinely a nice person and very outgoing. If you know me personally you would know I always have a smile on my face or jokes to tell. I just live in the moment no matter what; it makes life more exciting. I enjoy things like anime, skating, soccer, and makeup. All of these keep me entertained most of the time, soccer and skating is my passion because I enjoy myself most when I'm doing one of those activities. Skating and soccer  are very difficult sports sometimes but they allow me to push myself everyday, to achieve what I want, like a trick, more skills, etc. And these sports even clear my mind when I have bad days, so both are a big part of who I am.

Mia Frutiz, Writer

Dec 21, 2020
Mia Frutiz (Media)
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Mia Frutiz